08 December 2020

CSR activity for Ban Nong Phai School (Yod Rat Bamrung), Chonburi Province

Jay Mart's social responsibility project. First started in 2014, an initiative to establish a project to promote good health in the community. It started with creating hygienic toilets for schools in the remote countryside and to provide hygienic knowledge to students and people living in the community. It also benefits and. prevents pathogens. As well as to be a model for maintaining good health for children in schools and community members as well.

2020, Jay Mart operated a toilet project for children at Ban Nong Phai School. (Yod Rat Bamrung), Chonburi Province. School is kindergarten - elementary school, total number of students 72 (Male 37, Female 35) School toilet (Separated between elementary and kindergarten) For elementary level, male students, 2 rooms, female students, 2 rooms, No separate toilet for kindergarten. They used an old water tank to temporarily transform into a toilet. Toilet ratio: students (average 1 room: 18 students)