JMT Network Services Public Company Limited ("JMT")

JMT Network Services Public Company Limited ("JMT"), a subsidiary of the Company, conducts a unique business for debt collection and debt management in Thailand. JMT consider as a leader in debt management especially unsecured distress debt management. Currently, JMT acquired a distressed debt from financial institutions of more than 200,000 million THB outstanding balance of bad debt which is account to be the biggest player for unsecured distress debt in Thailand.

Jaymart Insurance Public Company Limited ("JMI")

Jaymart Insurance Public Company Limited or JMI, a subsidiary of JMT Network Services PCL, conduct a non-life insurance business. JMI aim to combine insurance business and technology together or InsurTech to operate its business. JMI awarded Top 20 Best insurers 2020 by IDC Financial Insights, a global provider of consulting services and research in digital and IT.

KB J Capital Company Limited (“KB J Capital”)

KB J Capital Co., Ltd (“KB J Capital”) was established in February 2021 as a Joint Venture between Jaymart Group and KB Kookmin Card Co., Ltd, Top-tier Credit Card Company under Korea’s No.1 KB Financial Group Inc. KB J Capital engages in consumer loan services, like Revolving Loan, Term Loan, Mobile Loan, Car for Cash and other types of loans, through the new brand of “Kashjoy”. KB J Capital will upgrade and improve the lending business to provide the customers with better services, and continue to expand the business into the Credit Card market in the near future through the advanced technology and know-how of KB Kookmin Card and the synergy with Jaymart Group.

Singer Thailand Public Company Limited ("Singer")

In 2019, Singer Thailand Public Company Limited ("Singer"), consider as an associate company, engaging in the business of product distribution under the brand SINGER with hire-purchase services and car title loan (C4C). Singer Thailand has been improved in its performance due to the technology and system of the network which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of Singer’s system. Currently, Singer's lending portfolio increases substantially due to an expansion of the C4C business, and Singer can control the quality of the lending portfolio, NPL, among the top of the industry.