We position ourselves as Technology Investment Holding Company (T-IHC), its operation is investment in mobile retail and wholesale distributor, debt collection and management, property development, personal loan business and invest in potential business.

Jay Mart Group


Jay Mart Group core business operates Mobile phone and accessories and Gadget with more than 200 shop all nationwide. Jay Mart sell and distribute mobile phone not only in shop but we sell through Synergy Distribution network in “IT Junction” and “Singer” channels.

Under retail business Jay Mart posses an IT rental space and 5 shopping mall under the subsidiary JAS Asset Public Company Limited. Moreover, Jay Mart operates coffee shop chain under brand “Casa Lapin” under the company named Beans and Brown Co.,Ltd.


Jay Mart Group engaged in finance by focusing on retail finance for consumer. Debt collection and management is operated under JMT Network Services Public Company Limited which now the leading debt collection and management in Thailand. We also provide consumer finance for consumer by KB J Capital Co., Ltd. Not only consumer finance we also provide non-life insurance by JP Insurance Public Company Limited.

By expansion of distribution network, Singer are now became one of the best in hire purchase lending for home appliance and commercial appliance and car title loan business in Thailand.


Application development and using Fintech into business developed by “J Ventures”, a company that will prepare digitization for the group of companies. Because Jaymart believes that disruption will occur in business in the near term.

In the past we have tested the use of Blockchain for holding shareholders' meetings (AGM Blockchain) and digital lending already.