Jaymart Mobile Co., Ltd. (“Core Company”)

Jaymart Mobile Company Limited, the Company's core business, conducting in the business of mobile phone distribution and its accessories, has adjusted the operational strategy to focus on creating operating profits under the competitive situation and the impact of the global trade war. To compete with other competitors Jaymart Mobile engages to become an exclusive partner with AIS for SIM distribution. Not only does Jaymart Mobile sell the mobile phone through the shop which is 200 shops nationwide, but Jaymart also sells the mobile phone through Synergy Channel – Singer and IT Junction by JAS Asset.

Jaymart Mobile position itself to be a leader in distribution and bring technology for the consumer to enjoy a smarter life.

JAS Asset Public Company Limited ("J")

JAS Asset Public Company Limited ("J"), a company considered as the property developer, conducting the business of property development for sale and rent. Currently, J has more than 30 rental space locations for mobile phones and IT retailers all nationwide. J owned a community mall project for 4 locations in the Bangkok area which are Jas Wanghin, Jas Ramintra, Jas Urban Srinakarin, and Jas Village Amata Chonburi. The total leasable area approximately 50,000 sqm. J target to open a new community mall project at Khu Bon Area, Ramintra namely Jas Village Khubon which will open in Q4/2021.

Beans and Brown

The company engages in specialty coffee shop under brand “Casa Lapin” and “Rabb Coffee”.