26 March 2012

Additional listed securities JMART-W1 to be traded on SET on Mar 28, 2012

Listing Listing : Warrant Company name : JAY MART PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED (JMART) Warrant trading symbol : JMART-W1 Secondary market : SET Trading date : 28-Mar-2012 Number of listed warrants (unit: : 9,000,000 warrants) Exercise ratio (Warrant : Common stock) : 1 : 1 Exercise price (baht per share) : 3.00 Term of warrants : 1 years 10 months 18 days from the issued date (Date of issuance is on 13 February 2012) Warrant price (baht per unit) : 0.00 First exercise date : 30-Mar-2012 Last exercise date : 30-Dec-2013 Remark : 1.The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has granted the additional listed securities amounting to 9,000,000 units of JMART-W1, As these warrants have the same major characteristics and conditions as JMART-W1, amounting to 59,999,990 uints which listed on the SET since 29 February 2012. Thus, the totaling amount of JMART-W1 is 68,999,990 units. 2.Please see the description, condition and major characteristics of JMART-W1 in SET information Management System and see Terms and Conditions of JMART-W1 which were submitted to the warrant holders or from SET website : http://www.set.or.th/set/warrantslookup.do ______________________________________________________________________