10 August 2010

Declaration Q2/2010,Dividend, increase capitals subsidiary.

10 August 2010 Ref. IR53/0010 Subject 1. Declaration of the Q2/2010 operating results changed over 20% 2. Resolution of the Board of Directors No. 4/2010 to approve the interim dividend payment 3. Resolution of the Board of Directors No. 4/2010 to increase capitals of a subsidiary Attention President The Stock Exchange of Thailand The resolution of the Board of Directors of Jay Mart Public Company Limited, No. 4/2010 dated 10 August 2010 approved the financial statement and the operating results of the Company and its subsidiaries for the second quarter ended 30 June 2010 and received an examination from the Company's Auditor which can be summarized as follows: 1. The consolidated operating results of the Company and its subsidiaries in the second quarter of2010 reported the net profit of Baht 10.55 million, which decreased by Baht 14.97 million, or by 58.66% from the same period of last year due to the following details:. 1.1 The Company's revenue from sales and services for the second quarter of 2010 were at Baht 1,293.72 million which increased by Baht 73.32 million, or by 6.01% from Baht 1,220.40 million of the same period of last year due to 1.1.1 The revenue from selling products increased by Baht 63.17 million, or rose by 5.55% after the increase of sales volume through additional sales channels 1.1.2 The revenue from debt collecting and other services increased by Baht 9.90 million, or rose by 28.21% mainly came from the increased of non-performing debt's bidding, a high margin business, for management. 1.2 The Company's sales promotion revenue decreased by Baht 23.78 million, or decreased by 43.09% which received from each brand of mobile phone manufacturers to stimulate the sales volume. 1.3 The Company's gross profit margin was at Baht 124.87 million, decreased by Baht 24.48 million, or dropped by 16.39% when compared with last year due to the local political situation which caused the product prices to be sold at lower prices. 1.4 The Company's expenses from sales and management for the second quarter of 2010 were at Baht 141.27 million which decreased by Baht 21.00 million, or dropped by 12.94% from Baht 162.27 million of the same period of last year due to the decrease of the expenses from marketing management and other activities. 2. The Board of Directors' meeting No. 4/ 2010 dated 10 August 2010 had a resolution to approve the interim dividend payment of the first six-month period's operating results 2010 from 1 January 2010 - 30 June 2010 after the Company's net profit after taxes from the profit and loss statement totaled Baht 33,844,865. Thus, the Board of Directors approved the dividend payment of Baht 0.06 per share, or 53.18% of the net profit from the consolidated financial statement which is accounting for Baht 18,000,000 of the interim dividend payment. The record date to identify the shareholders' list to receive the dividend is on 25 August 2010 and the closure of the Company's share register book is on 26 August 2010 in order to suspend share transfer and collect the shareholders list pursuant to Section 225 of the Securities and Exchange Act; the interim dividend payment is on 9 September 2010. 3. The Board also approved the capital increase of JMT Network Services Co., Ltd., Providing Debt Collection service and legal and investigation service across Thailand as well as purchasing Non Performing Loan (NPL) from financial institutions and other service providers to track debtors and seek benefits. It is a subsidiary of the Company of which the Company holds 99.99% of shares. The existing registered capital of Baht 40,000,000 million consists of 400,000 shares at the par of Baht 100 per share will be increased to the registered capital of Baht 80,000,000, consisting of 800,000 shares with par remaining at Baht 100 per share by the issuance and selling of Baht 40,00,000 of common shares, totaling 400,000 shares to the Company. Thus, after the capital increase, the Company will hold shares in JMT Network Services Co., Ltd. totaling 79,999,993 shares, or 99.99%. The fund from the capital increase will be prepared for future investment and working capital for the business. This transaction is exempt from The Stock Exchange of Thailand's rule of information disclosure concerning the acquisition and disposition of assets of listed companies and is not a connected transaction. Please be informed accordingly, Sincerely yours, ( Miss Ladda Waruntarakul ) Secretary of the Company