24 February 2010

Audited Yearly F/S And Consolidated F/S (F45-3)

(Audited Yearly F/S and Consolidated F/S (F45-3)) Reports: Audited yearly and consolidated statements as follows. Name JAY MART PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Audited (In thousands) Ending 31 December The Consolidated Financial Statement For year Year 2010 2009 Net profit (loss) 90,171 97,106 EPS (baht) 0.34 0.43 The Company Financial Statement For year Year 2010 2009 Net profit (loss) 75,410 98,636 EPS (baht) 0.28 0.44 Auditors Opinion: Unqualified Opinion Comment: 1. Please see details in financial statements, auditor's report and remarks from SET SMART "The company hereby certifies that the information above is correct and complete. In addition, the company has already reported and disseminated its financial statements in full via the SET Electronic Listed Company Information Disclosure (ELCID), and has also submitted the original report to the Securities and Exchange Commission." Signature ___________________________ ( Miss Ladda Waruntarakul ) Position Company's secretary Authorized to sign on behalf of the company