13 November 2009

Explanation of the increase in operating results of over 20%

IR52/0010 11 November 2009 Subject Explanation of the increase in operating results of the third quarter of 2009 over 20% Attention The President of the Stock Exchange of Thailand Referring to the submitted operating results and the report of the certified auditors of Jay Mart Public Company Limited (JMART) ("The Company"), ended September 30, 2009 and 2008, the Q3/09 operating results of the Company and its subsidiaries (consolidated financial statements) show a net profit of Baht 10.30 million, decreasing by Baht 11.48 million or by 52.70% from Baht 21.78 million of the same period of last year. The followings are the company explanation; 1. The Company's sales and service revenue in Q3/09 was at Baht 1,212.91 million, decreased by Baht 109.97 million, or by 8.3% from Baht 1,322.78 of the same period of last year, mainly due to; 1.1 Decrease of sales revenue by Baht 136.48 million, or by 10.81% came from low average selling prices but focusing on selling higher profit margin products, including decrease of sales volume and the political and economic issues of the country. 1.2 Increase of debt collection business and other services by Baht 11.67 million, or by 42.06% derided from the increase of low quality debt purchase for management since the business provides high profit margin. 1.3 Increase of rental revenue by Baht 14.94 million or by 46.28% came from an increase of rental areas. 2 The Company's sales promotion revenue increased by Baht 47.60 million or by 107.28% which was the revenue received from each brand of mobile phone manufacturers to stimulate their sales revenues. 3 The Company's gross profit margin was at Baht 84.94 million, decreased by Baht 40.95 million, or by 32.53% when compared to the same period of last year. The decrease was caused by the decrease of sales revenue. 4 The Company's sales and services expenses in Q3/09 accounted for Baht 157.09 million, increased by Baht 135.43 million, or by 15.99% from the same period of last year due to the Company's marketing and activity management expenses to increase sales revenue and expand distribution channels. Sincerely yours, Mr. Sutee Tantivanichanon Chief Financial Officer